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July 12,2021

Sleep is the guarantee for your tomorrow, and bedding can greatly promote our sleep. Velvet quilt and coral fleece quilt are two commonly used quilts. If they are not checked carefully in appearance, they may not be visible. Do you know the difference between the two?


wholesale bulk velvet Quilt manufacturer


The difference between velvet quilt and coral quilt


1. Appearance


From the perspective of appearance, the velvet quilt paired with delicate fabrics with contrasting effects, such as silk and lace, will create an extraordinary charm, which will look more ordinary when viewed alone.


Coral fleece, as the name implies, is a colorful, coral-like textile fabric with good coverage. The colors are also rich. The appearance of the two materials has its own advantages, depending on which one you like.


2. Texture


The quilt of velvet fabric is of heavier quality and full of heaviness, but after all, coral fleece fabrics are not absorbent because the fluff of coral fleece quilt is relatively factory, the texture is fine, the hand feels soft, does not ball, does not fade, and does not have any effect on the skin. Stimulating, not allergic, if you like a softer texture, choose coral fleece quilt!


3. Process


Coral fleece has made great breakthroughs in technology through continuous product improvement and upgrades in recent years. The main new techniques include "cutting flowers", "air jet embossing", "offset embossing", etc., which add a sense of hierarchy to the original monotonous picture. The goose down fabrics are all made of high-quality cotton yarns with a high mix, mainly including plain color, printing, jacquard and stripping, yarn-dyed and burnt-out processes.


4. Price


Since there are many types of velvet quilts, and pure natural velvet quilts are not harmful to the body, and coral velvet is rich in colors, but the types are single, so overall the price of velvet quilts will be more expensive than the price of coral velvet quilts.


Is the fabric of the velvet quilt good?

Not bad, the bedding made of velvet does not shed hair. The raw material of velvet is 22-30 cocoon grade A raw silk, and silk is also used as the warp. The color is pure and generous, the weight is high, the plush is relatively fine and dense, and the fabric is thick. High cost, good warmth retention.


Do you need a velvet quilt?

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