wholesale bulk velvet Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 14,2021

The winter in the south is gloomy, cold and wet at the same time, which makes people very uncomfortable. Sitting on the bed is also very cold, but if you use the velvet Quilt set, it will give you warmth instead of coldness.


wholesale bulk velvet Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory


Is the velvet quilt set good?

The velvet quilt is pretty good, but people with allergies shouldn’t use feather quilts. The pure cotton quilt is very warm, but it’s heavier than feathers. The velvet cover will feel warmer in winter, and it is slippery and comfortable.


Are there disadvantages to velvet duvet covers?


Yes, when you wash, you will find that they will become very heavy. Generally speaking, the velvet quilt cover is still very good, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Methods of cleaning and maintaining velvet fabrics


Remember, after cleaning, don’t use violent means to make it dry quickly-wring it out forcefully, it hurts the lint.


Do not iron velvet garments directly with an iron (unless there is a special ironing board for velvet). The fluff on the outside is difficult to stand up after being overwhelmed by heat, which damages the texture of the whole garment. It is recommended to use a steam iron to spray steam a few centimeters apart from the clothing, and gently flatten the clothing with your hands; if the folds are too deep, it is recommended to get a professional dry cleaner for disposal.


If the velvet is stained with stains, first look at the label on the quilt. Some of the velvet can be washed with water. For those that cannot be washed with water, moisten a clean towel with warm water, gently scrub the stained area up and down until no stain is visible, and then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture in the scrubbed area.


Regarding stubbornness and large-scale stains, if you want to do all the cleaning, you still need to ask a dry cleaner for help.


The surface of velvet is composed of densely piled small fluff. During the production and processing of the fabric, a small part of fluff particles will remain on it, which is inevitable. Most of them will be washed out during the first washing. For example, the suit is black, and the dark card version such as sapphire blue will look more obvious. This is normal, please don't worry too much!


Be sure to use a washing machine to clean the velvet. You can pull up the zipper of the suit, turn it over, put it in the washing bag, and wash it gently.


After washing, it should be placed on a shelf to drip dry, avoid direct sunlight.


In the process of use, the inner surface is artificially hung with hairs, so it should not be plucked by hand, because the fluff will be plucked and the fluff will fall off.


wholesale bulk velvet Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory


If your velvet Quilt set encounters the above related problems, don't worry, please refer to the above mentioned ones.