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July 06,2021

Which is better, velvet cushion or gold velvet cushion


Velvet is a velvet type weft knitted fabric. One side of the fabric is covered with a suede surface formed by standing fibers or yarns. Because the fluff is very delicate and soft to the touch, it resembles the fluff of a swan, so it is called velvet. The pattern of velvet is divided into reverse carving (Rorty velvet flower) and positive carving (Rorty velvet flower)​.    


The golden velvet is a single-layer warp silk fabric interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose rayon. The suede is long, thick, and ​​some sloping, not as smooth as other suede.


wholesale bulk velvet cushion manufacturer


Velvet cushions are better?

First of all, velvet is very hygroscopic, and hygroscopicity is one of the indicators of the physical properties of the fiber. If it has pores, its moisture absorption capacity is relatively strong. In addition, it is also related to the diameter and structure of the pores. The velvet has fine pores and many pores, and it has good moisture absorption. When used in summer, there are two very different types. The moisture absorption is like a double-edged sword and has certain disadvantages. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the collection of velvet quilts. The collection should prevent mildew caused by high temperature, high humidity and unclean environment.


Due to the particularity of the material, velvet has plump fluff and soft hand feeling. Velvet products have special requirements for the twist of the pile yarn. When using cotton yarn, it is required to have a small twist and a small twist unevenness of the cotton yarn. At the same time, when weaving velvet fabrics, the ground yarn should be arranged in two different twist directions, while the terry yarn should be arranged in the same twist direction. This will help improve the quality and feel of the velvet suede. 


Precautions for cleaning velvet cushion cover

1. Do not wring out forcefully, because it hurts the velvet.


2. Be sure to use a washing machine to clean the velvet. You can pull up the zipper of the suit, turn it over, put it in the clothes washing bag, and adjust it to gently wash.


3. After washing, it should be placed on a shelf to drip dry, avoid direct sunlight.


4. In the process of wearing, the inner face is artificially hung with hairs, so it should not be plucked by hand, because it will pluck the fluff and cause the fluff to fall.

Tips for caring of velvet material


Tip 1

When using, try to reduce friction and pulling, and change and wash frequently after it is dirty to keep the fabric clean.


Tip 2

When storing, it should be washed, dried, ironed, and finally stacked neatly.


Tip 3

Velvet has a strong hygroscopicity. In the collection, you should try to prevent mildew caused by high temperature, high humidity or unclean environment.


Tip 4

Garments made of velvet fabric are suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning.


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